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Hafiz Ismail is a Muslim Photographer

Assalamualaikum and Hello.

Yes, the title says it all.

I made the decision back early this year to select my clients that suits to my requirement as a Muslim Wedding Photographer.

Muslim Bride with Hijab

Muslim Bride with Hijab

After 6 years in the industry, I’ve seen it all and I’ve photographed it all. But one thing really saddened me is that I was not a very good Muslim at all; when it comes to wedding photography.

Thus starting earlier this year, I’d made decision to only focus on Muslim couples with only hijab-wearing-bride-to-be.

Muslim Couple

Muslim Couple


If you are planning to get married and looking for a wedding photographer to professionally documentate your wedding, I am the one for you.

If you can meet all of my 3 most important requirements below:

  1. your partner, your family and you knows the importance of covering your aurat,
  2. your wedding events does not contain any haraam or syubhah processions such as but not limited to “tepung tawar”, live band with female singer,
  3. and you respect me as a photographer who is a Muslim, practicing Islam,

I will be honoured to be your Wedding Photographer on your special day.

To inquire more about my Wedding Photography experience, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Reflected Muslim Couple

Reflected Muslim Couple


Til the next post!

Hafiz Ismail

Shazwani Hamid + Hazim – The Engagement

Hafiz had the opportunity and was given the trust by one of Malaysian famous blogger, Shazwani Hamid ( to document her engagement reception to Hazim at Menara Kuala Lumpur.

Official PhotographerHafiz Ismail of
Official VideographerThe Art Films
Makeup Artist  – Sue Cantik
Dress by – WOO by fiziwoo